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Tahoma students tackle real world issues during Expeditions

By Kenia Bustos

Staff Writer

This year students at Summit Tahoma have been working on engaging projects during Expeditions. At the beginning of the year students chose a course of eight weeks (the courses are separated into two-week rounds throughout the year). In their courses, students learned how to develop skills that will eventually help them with future projects. The school offers many options for courses that students can take. On April 6, the Tahoma families got together to see all the great work students have been doing.


Students displayed their business plans, and, if parents liked their plan, they would give a “Tahoma Bill.”

College Readiness

At Summit Public Schools, juniors take this course to learn the importance of preparing for college, covering subjects like college applications, financial aid and acceptance requirements. Students presented what colleges they want to go to and the requirements they will need to meet to reach their goals. Below, Nicole Cunanan presents her College Readiness portfolio. 



Students developed their talent through their internship course. They had different experiences, such as working in robotics, learning about the medical field, helping kids learn about nature and performing in theater.

Sociology of Law

Students and parents had a Socratic where they discussed the importance of going to school in a safe environment. The question for the seminar was whether or not having a security guard or an armed officer would make them feel safer at school.

Human Sexuality

Students informed Tahoma parents about the importance of talking to their children about sex, gender identity and sexuality. They covered issues such as STI prevention, birth control and healthy relationships.

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