Expeditions classes showcase their students’ work

By Jacqueline Bella and Arianna Rosiles

Staff Writers


In the Anthropology Expeditions course, the students exhibited three ordinary, everyday objects and explained why those objects are important to their culture and why they are a part of their culture. Then they compared their objects to other cultures.


Tahoma sophomore Alexander Braunstein displays forks, glasses and earbuds, then explains why they are important to his culture. 


Tahoma sophomore Berenice Lopez showcases three objects that are important to her Mexican culture.


Tahoma freshman Armando Vargas waits to talk about his exhibit.

Girl Rising

In this Expeditions class, young students learn about female empowerment and how women are portrayed in the eyes of the media. Girls from the course were given the task of choosing a topic they were passionate about and trying to spread awareness to other people.


Parents listen to the projects that the students created.


A parent talks with students about their video.


Students are proud of their project.

Computers and Networking

In this Expeditions course, students learn about the mechanics of the computer. They demonstrated how to operate a computer and how to put up a firewall.


Upgrading old computers to newer software


A motherboard of a computer


The mechanics of the computer

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