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Everest students create pop-up stores

By Madison Chamness and Serina Sperduto

Staff Writers

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At Everest Public High School, the student population has access to many different Expeditions courses. One popular course option is Entrepreneurship, taught by Vivy Chao, which is a class where you learn skills that aid you in the business. During the second round of Entrepreneurship, the class organized a pop-up store, which was held on Jan. 13. Ms. Chao explained, “It is a project to learn real world skills and produce products people are willing to buy.”

Everest sophomore Daine Becerra said, “You make a product, sell it, and see who can come up with the most money without revenue cost.” Becerra explained the rules for making products: “It had to be 50 percent handmade, and you can only sell before and after school. Students have to turn in the money every day. They can, as well, sell outside of Everest, and must be ready for the pop-up store on Friday.”

Ms. Chao said that the way to win was to make the widest profit margin.

The money that the students produce, they get to keep, and that makes students look out for hidden talents, learn to work better with teams, and create more responsible methods of working.

Students even had a chance to express love for waffles, and hatred for pancakes, as one student did. David Aguilar, a senior in the Entrepreneurship class, explained why he decided to sell waffles: “Because waffles are fresh and hot. Waffles are good quality, no one can deny it. It was convenient because we had a waffle maker, and it would be better than pancakes for sure. Pancakes are horrible. Did you know that a waffle is the thickness of two and a half pancakes? They are just so much better. They can be crispy and fluffy at the same time. Plenty of little pockets to create amazing little syrup ponds. I love waffles. The waffles are better than pancakes song is my ringtone.”



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