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The Weeknd releases catchy album

By Jacqueline Bella

Staff Writer

The Weeknd’s Starboy was No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200. It reached popularity quickly after being released. Starboy tells a story about his life as a celebrity and his journey in fame. The album also hints about his relationship life because of his references to women he has possibly associated with.

The Weeknd performs live. PHOTO CREDIT: David Hwang

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, has experimented with different producers and artists for collaborations. In this album, rapper Kendrick Lamar and duo Daft Punk were featured in the hit song “Starboy.” In addition, “Starboy” also is the first song in the album.

The purpose of the album was to display The Weeknd’s journey to fame and present new, mysterious music to his fans. The album includes viewpoints from The Weeknd on his fame.

His name has recently been gaining success in the music industry. The song “Often,” released in 2015, is what brought attention to the star. This launched the artist’s career in the music industry.

The Weeknd surprised his fans with his new album, which is his seventh album. Compared to previous albums and work from Abel, Starboy represents a new style in his music career, from the visuals of the project to the songs influenced by different types of sounds. Starboy has more pop influences. It is recognizable that he experimented in this album.

Starboy is a controversial album. A majority of The Weeknd’s songs are based on drugs, fame and girls. This ultimately can make people have a negative impression of the album right away, making his music the subject of arguments. 

Fans that have been following The Weeknd for a longer time might argue that the critique is not based on the meaning of the music, but the new style Abel is going for. These fans can track back to his earliest mixtapes in the start of his career.

The song “Love to Lay” can differ from his older songs because of the different elements and vibe used in the song. The song has a pop-influenced sound that sounds immensely different from the mysterious, dark music he has made in the launch of his career. Some of The Weeknd’s older fan base might believe that Abel is transitioning from his old style R&B to a new style of pop that they have their own negative opinions on. 

However, the beats in the album are catchy and fresh and that seems to attract new fans. “Starboy” is the most played song off the album with 32.8 million plays on Spotify. “I Feel It Coming” also started reaching popularity shortly after.

Whether people disagree with the meaning of the songs or the sound, it can be established that The Weeknd has accomplished quite a lot in his career with hit songs in this album and attention to his other work. This album is very successful worldwide because of Abel’s ability to attract people with the vibes of his songs. To conclude, The Weeknd is not afraid to boost his career even further with an array of new sounds and Starboy demonstrated a new side to the rising R&B artist.

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