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Visual Arts students make prints

By Absa Fall and Katarena Gomez Ramirez

Staff Writers

Visual Arts teacher Eli Cetto led students at Summit Tahoma through a print making project with stamps.

Here’s a look at the process of creating those prints:

Ms. Eli demonstrates to her students how to use the stamp for the print making art project.

Ms. Eli (pictured top right and bottom left) works alongside students to create artwork for their print project.


Ms. Eli shows the stamp she made of her idol, Frida Khalo.


Tahoma junior Jasmin Mendoza, from Intro to Visual Arts, created this stamp.


Tahoma sophomore Kevin Nguyen used separate colors to represent two different people.


Tahoma sophomore Larissa Goodman dedicated her artwork to Tahoma freshman Melissa Benefer. 

Tahoma senior K’La Gonzalez made her piece, which she calls “Butterfly,” for her best friend.

Here’s a look at additional artwork produced in the Visual Arts class by both Ms. Eli and Summit Tahoma students:

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