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Trends bring the Tahoma community together

By Carlos Lum

Staff Writer

Trends, such as the water bottle challenge and dabbing, have become very popular in the Tahoma community. Trends are a wide variety of popular things, from dance moves to new vocabulary words. Trends can relate to many people from different genders or different roles at the school, such as students and teachers.

Things that can be considered trends are the water bottle challenge, dabbing and the use of words such as “salty,”which is used to describe someone getting mad. Since many people are doing these things, they would be considered trends.

Trends bring people together through doing things together. Tahoma sophomore Emal Khan said, “For example, it brings people together – like flipping a water bottle would bring in more people, and it could make friends.”

While trends bring people together, they do not only come in one form. For example, Tahoma sophomore Keith Ng said, “A trend that I very much enjoy is a video game called Overwatch.”

Ng said playing these trending video games could bring people together to work as a team and get along together as well. Since people are working well together, that shows that trends are bringing people together, he added.

Trends start when people learn about them as they become very popular on the internet, and famous celebrities are doing the actual trend.

Once a trend starts to start trending, it first goes on the internet where people would look to see, and then it would relate to them in real life.

For example, the water bottle challenge got famous because of the internet, and that is how it was first discovered. Another word that can be used to talk about something trending could be viral.

Tahoma sophomore Kevin Nguyen demonstrates dabbing.

Since things go viral, they can relate to things at school, which means people would want to do the trend in real life.

Another trend that is growing a lot still today is dabbing, which is a pose. This pose is done all over the Tahoma community and is used a lot.

When mentioning trends a lot of places do them, but Tahoma trends are only done in Tahoma.

One trend that is only done at Tahoma is a phrase called “Chill out, yeh?¨ That phrase is just used at Tahoma, which makes it a Tahoma trend.

The meaning behind that phrase is that students want to convey that Tahoma is their school and that they are proud of that.

Since these trends are bringing people together, it could be said that trends have a big impact on the Tahoma community, from video games to challenges, even to random poses. Trends bring students closer as friends. 


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