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Tahoma journalism students use Twitter to share their voices

By Noel William Cintron

Staff Writer  

Journalism students at Summit Public School: Tahoma are using Twitter during warmups to inform themselves about the world. What the students do on Twitter is see what professional journalists and politicians are posting and then retweet or comment on those tweets in order to share their thoughts.

Here’s what some of those journalism students had to say about their use of Twitter:

Tahoma senior Hugo Serrano discusses how he uses Twitter to debate politics. 

Left: Tahoma freshman Will Butler said, “Being able to use Twitter for journalism is eye-opening because we get to see daily updates, breaking news and overall what’s happening in our country.”

Right: Butler said, ”My Twitter feed is about reporting the news and interesting topics, spreading the word about politicians and post-election events.”


Left: Tahoma senior Hugo Serrano said, “My Twitter for journalism class has helped me see how the world is at the moment and has opened my eyes to a new world.”

Right: Serrano said, “My Twitter feed is full of examples on how President Trump is failing as a president.”

 Left: Tahoma sophomore Anthony Matute said, “I usually only use Twitter when I’m in class.” 

 Right: Matute said, “Most of my retweets are for satire.”  

Left: Tahoma freshman Absa Fall said, “I love that I can use it very often to project the big issues going on at the time.”

Right: Fall said, “My retweets are usually from politicians and news accounts about what’s going on at the time.”


Left: Tahoma senior Christian Contreras said, “When I use Twitter, I only use it when I’m in journalism, before school, at lunches and when I’m at home.”

Right: Contreras said, “My Twitter feed allows me to see what everybody posts and see what Donald Trump posts on Twitter.”

Here’s a selection of screenshots from the Tahoma student reporter feeds:   

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Expeditions Executive Director Caitlin Reilly said she’s glad to see journalism students learning how to use social media in a professional way:



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