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The future of photography is unclear

By Cameron Eberle and Shawn Wilson

Staff Writers

As 21st century technology continues advancing at an exponential rate, it brings into question whether or not older technology can keep up with the times. Cameras in particular are astronomically different than just a few decades ago.

While they have held up well so far, I, Everest junior Shawn Wilson, believe that cameras will become nearly extinct in the future as more and more people begin to use different devices for photography.

Many people today simply use their phones to take photos instead of using traditional cameras, making it so that fewer and fewer people feel the need to buy a camera to do something they can already do with their smartphone.

When cell phones first became widely used, no one would dream that they would one day be used to take pictures. However, today professional photographers are the majority of people who buy high tech cameras since the general population has no need for them.

I believe that in the future, technology will advance far enough that features that only expensive cameras have in today’s world, such as extensive zooming and the ability to change ISO, shutter speed and aperture, will become standard on basic cameras or even smartphones. I believe that in the future, even professional photographers will just whip out their phone like everyone else to take a picture instead of using a fancy camera.

I, Everest sophomore Cameron Eberle, believe that Wilson is partially right. Camera sales are going downhill, and smartphone cameras are getting better and better.

However, I believe that professional photographers will not start using smartphone cameras. Although the cameras on smartphones are getting better and better and coming with more and more features, so are DSLR cameras.

Smartphones are advancing quickly, and DSLR cameras are advancing as well. Nowadays many cameras come with Wi-Fi capability, tons of gadgets and of course growing quality. Many cameras have up to fifty megapixels, while the best iPhone camera has only twelve.

It is definitely a possibility that cameras will become extinct though, since camera technology is advancing slower than smartphone technology.

Although technology is advancing, I think even though DSLR cameras will lose popularity, they are here to stay for a while, at least for professional photographers.

Featured image (at top of post): DSLR cameras might go the way of the dinosaurs. PHOTO CREDIT: Cameron Eberle 


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