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How is Trump’s Cabinet going to influence government policy?


By Andres McLean

Staff Writer


President-elect Donald Trump is currently picking the members for his cabinet. Here’s what you need to know about that process:  


What is a cabinet? A cabinet is a group of leaders who advise the president on various issues.


What are the three branches of the United States government? The executive branch is headed by the president, and the president tells the officials how to enforce laws. The purpose of the legislative branch is to tax and pass laws, and the judicial branch is meant to review constitutionality. This means that federal judges and the Supreme Court have a role in determining if laws are constitutional. For example, the Affordable Care Act has been challenged many times in court by opponents who think that it is unconstitutional.


Who has the most power in a cabinet? Some of the people with the most power in a cabinet would be the Attorney General, Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. It all depends on the issue, according to Summit Prep AP Government teacher Nick Howell.

Summit Prep AP Government teacher Nick Howell said students must examine the issues at play to decide who in a President’s Cabinet will have the most power.


Who is the most important member of the cabinet? The power balance in the cabinet depends on the issue and what the country is dealing with, Mr. Howell said. The least powerful position is the Secretary of Education, Mr. Howell said, explaining that a lot of educational policies are made by local and state governments.


What is a government policy? Policies are a set of guidelines, regulations or laws that countries must follow. An example would be if we were talking about immigration, then there are certain rules and or guidelines for that issue, and executive branch officials are in charge of enforcing those policies. 


What is the purpose of a government? A government is a system to help a society to work and to help meet the society’s goals. 


Here’s an update, from the New York Times, on recent developments regarding confirmation hearings for President-elect Trump’s Cabinet positions.


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