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A Trump supporter speaks out

By Leah Cortez

Staff Writer

Donald Trump recently won an election that has caused many mixed emotions for Americans. Connor Hares, a Donald Trump supporter, is a 17-year-old senior who attends Summit Rainier in San Jose. Outside of school, Hares works at a Togo’s restaurant.

1.   Why do you support Donald Trump?

“I support Donald Trump because I agree with his promises for America,” Hares said. 

2.   What made you decide to support him?

“I support him because he is a businessman and he knows how money works, so he’ll be able to help our economy in the long run,” Hares said.

3.   Has the atmosphere at Summit Rainier changed since the election?

“The atmosphere has changed a good amount, but that hasn’t affected whether I still support him or not, because I still support him,” Hares said. “He’s a very successful man.”

4.  Why do you think Donald Trump will be a better president than Hillary Clinton would have been?

“I don’t think Hillary would have been a good president because she has been involved with many scams in the past, so I don’t think she would be trustworthy enough to be president,” Hares said. 

5.  How much support do you think Trump has at Summit Rainier?

“The majority of the students at Summit Rainier don’t support him, but there are very few who do,” Hares said. 

6.  How does it feel to be a Trump supporter at Summit Rainier?

“Being a Donald Trump supporter at Rainier, I’ve been talked down to for supporting Trump,” Hares said. “Some people accept what I believe, and others don’t.”

7.  Why do you think Donald Trump is hated on so much?

“I think social media has been twisting up Donald Trump’s words and statements he’s made,” Hares said. “I think most of the news on the Internet is fake, and it’s just for attention and entertainment.”

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