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Students want more flexibility

By Michael Taylor

Staff Writer

Izzy Watjen, a sophomore at Summit Tahoma High School, argued that the American school system is ineffective in teaching students what they need to know for life. 

Izzy Watjen wants to see school adapt.

She disapproves of the amount of homework teachers assign. “Most schools give five to six hours of homework, and grades are viewed as more important than the students’ well being,¨ Watjen said.

Watjen thinks schools are not taking into account individual differences. ¨One of my favorite quotes is, ´Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid,´ which I think exemplifies our school system,¨ she said, citing an Einstein quote.

She thinks traditional tests and lectures are overrated. ¨It is very boring to sit and listen to lectures and take tests all day, and the students don’t care about school anymore because of it,¨ Watjen said.

Watjen thinks schools should stop pressuring students to get good grades. ¨A lot of students have depression and/or anxiety, and the pressure to get good grades sends some over the edge,¨ she said.

She also has some advice for schools. ¨Stop stressing grades’ importance,¨ Watjen said.


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