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Students can help themselves be successful

By Michael Taylor

Staff Writer

American high school students are failing. How can they be successful?

Students can stop rushing and do work slowly and accurately.

Instead of focusing on the amount of homework they have, they can do a small part of it.

If a student is getting stressed, they can take a five-minute break, then continue, or try a different approach to the work.

Students can ask their friends for help. They must make sure their friends don´t give them the answers.

Students can also email teachers if they are really struggling. This site offers ways to ask for help effectively.

If a student is getting stressed about schoolwork, I recommend quietly thinking or meditating for five to 10 minutes.

If a student needs to remember something for a test, they can try to write in blue ink, which has been shown to spark creativity. This will increase their chances of remembering what they write. Writing it down at all is helpful to remember things, and using quizlet flashcards also helps some people.

Students can create a small power station in their room where they can recharge. It could have some of their favorite things, like photos, fresh flowers, marbles, stuffed animals and anything else they think is appropriate. This is a small area where they can feel at ease to take the stress of the school day off.

Chamomile tea is also proven to have a calming effect, in case of a particularly tough day.

I don’t recommend watching a television series to calm down, because this will distract students from their work. Instead, they can pick up a book or take a nap.

Following these tips could make students more successful.


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